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The Eleventh Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

December 2006
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong SAR, China

More details will be available in early 2006

Thanks to those who have contributed. The contributions are being included in the 10th Anniversary Commemorative CD. The CD is given to each registered paid participant in ATCM 2005. You can access the content for now at a temporary location - do not bookmark it since it will be moved by February 1, 2006.

We do like to continue collect tidbits of past ATCM whenever you come across them. A website will be made available later to view what have been contributed of your experiences with past ATCM's - either it is a few paragraphs or pictures or videos,

Please send them to atcminc@yahoo.com, with 'ATCM Tidbits' as the subject line.
  • Mathematics contents by Professor Ivan Cnop >>
  • The 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics was held in Cheong-Ju, Korea, December, 2005. More information>>

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