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ATCM 2002 Final Announcement

Tentative Program Announcement
[Last Update: December 13, 2002]

17th-21st, December, 2002
Multimedia University (Melaka Campus)

Local Host Site
[Malay Session & Related Information]

Multimedia for the Advancement of Mathematics

The 7th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics 2002 (ATCM2002) aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for teachers, researchers, educators and decision makers around the world in the fields of mathematics and mathematical sciences. It also provides a venue for researchers and developers of computer technology to present their results in using technology in both basic research and pedagogical research, and to exchange ideas and information in their latest developments. The conference will cover a broad range of topics on the relevancy of technology in mathematical research and teaching. The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mathematics for Information Technology
  • Computer Algebra and Geometry
  • Internet Technology for Mathematics
  • Machine Learning and Theorem Proving
  • Multimedia Distance Learning
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Mathematical Research & Teaching Using Technology
  • Mathematical Software and Tools on WWW
  • Parellel & Distributed Computing & Application
  • Assessment of Implementation of Technology in Education
  • Implemenation of Technology from K12 to University Level
  • ICT for Mathematics

    Selected papers of ATCM 2002 will be invited for publication consideration in a special issue of Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (JCMSE). More details later. [posted December 13, 2002 HK time; last modified December 13, 2002]

    Contributors: Special Session in ATCM 2003

    A special session is being planned for ATCM 2003 (tentative title: "New Era in Mathematics & Technology." We (Sung-Chi Chu & Wei-Chi Yang) are looking for collaborators/contributors on topics including Web Technology (MML, WML, Web Services), Mathematics Software, Handheld Devices (GC, PDA, Webpad), and e-Community. An informal meeting will be scheduled at ATCM 2002 to exchange ideas; no date has been set yet.. More details will be posted at the conference. You can contact Sung-Chi for now at [posted December 13, 2002 HK time; last modified: December 13, 2002]

    Tentative Program
    (Last Updated: December 14, 2002)

    • Each Paper Presentation is scheduled for 18 minutes and 2 minutues for change-over.
    • The exhibition will be from 09:00 - 18:00 on the 18th, 19th and 20th December and 09:00 - 12:30 on 21st DECEMBER at the Ground Floor CLC Concourse.
    • Hyperlinks to abstracts of presentations will be added later.

    Tuesday December 17, 2002

    12:00..18:00 CHECKING IN Equatorial Hotel
    14:30..18:30 Registration Equatorial Hotel
    19:30-21:30 Conference Reception Equatorial Hotel

    Wednesday December 18, 2002

    07:30..09:30 Registration Main Hall
    08:15..08:45 Arrival of all Partcipants Main Hall
    08:45..09:00 Arrival of Guests of Honor
    Opening Ceremony
    09:50..10:10 REFRESHMENT Main Hall

    PLENARY SPEECH 1 - Chairman: Wei-Chi Yang

    The Natural Beauty of Polynomials
    Ivan Cnop, Belgium

    CLC A1
    11:00..12:00 PAPER PRESENTATION 1: Chairman: Rosihan Mali ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA210: Function Approximation with Multilayered Perceptrons using L1 Criterion
      Ong Hong Choon (, Soon_Hoe Quah(, School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
    • ATCMA264: Conjugate Gradient Methods In Training Neural Networks
      Zarita Zainuddin (, Saratha Sathasivam(, Abu Hasan Yahya(, School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia  
    • ATCMA249: Reduced Butterfly-Kautz Rearrangeable Nonblocking Networks
      Azman Samsudin (, Ibrahim Hassaan(, Computer Science , University Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 2Chair: Bill Blyth ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA252 Are We Moving Towards "Pedagogical Technology"? - A Case Study On "Electronic Exercisers"
      Kokol-Voljc (, Slovenia
    • ATCMA209 When there's more than one way to get there…
      Jozef Hvorecky(, College of Management, Slovakia, Gabriela Lovaszova(, Slovakia
    • ATCMA207 CAS in the Classroom: A Status Report
      Forster (, Australia; Bloom (, Australia; Mueller (, Australia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 3 - Chair: Walter Bloom ROOM C - CLC R3007
    PAPER PRESENTATION 4 - Chair: Lawrence Hooi Tuang Chang ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • Multikey Sorting for Sequential Files
      Paulraj Abraham Moses,( Software development, BICS INFOTECH, IndiaRadha krishnan Palani kumar(, FIST, MMU,Melaka, Malaysia
    • An Improvement on Selection Sort
      Maria Dominic, Rizwan Javaid, Md Shohel sayeed, (,,
      Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Multimedia University, Melaka Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 5 - Chair: Jack Carter ROOM E - CLC R3009
    • ATCMA267: Mathematics That Makes Computer Possible
      Sabariah Mohd Zin(, Faculty of Industrial Technology Information, Industrial Selangor University, Malaysia, Nuraini Yusoff(, FTMSK, MARA Technology University, Malaysia
    • ATCMA115:On Implementing An Efficient Iterative Elliptic Solver On A Distributed Parallel System
      Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali, Jun Lee Kok, Rosni Abdullah, Chin Hua Kong
      Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
    • ATCMA291: Parallel and Distributed Computing Related Issues in Education
      Li Choo Chen(, FOE, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
    PAPER PRESENTATION M1 - Chairman: Hajar Sulaiman ROOM F - CLC R30010
    Tutorial 1: Pengenalan Kepada Kalkulator Grafik TI-83PLUS. Cik Tay Bee Lian.

    INVITED TALK 1 - Chair: Peter Jones

    The Next Generation: PeCAS (= Pedagogical CAS)
    Bernhard Kutzler, Austria

    CLC A1
    12:50..14:00 LUNCH BREAK Main Hall
    14:00..14:50 PLENARY SPEECH 2 - Chair: Tilak de Alwis

    Computer-Based Mathematics Distance Learning
    Roger Hosking, Brunei Darussalam
    CLC A1
    14:50..15:40 INVITED TALK 2 - Chair: Isoda Masami

    Multimedia in perspective of Mathematical Modelling Past, Present and Future

    Shahrin Sahib ( Academic Affairs, Kolej Yayasan Melaka, Malaysia
    CLC A1
    15:40..16:40 PAPER PRESENTATION 6 - Chair: Sharin Sahib ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA238: Building a Web-Based Statistics Calculator with Graphing Tools for Primary and Secondary Schools
      K.Tang ( & K. Wong (, China
    • ATCMA255 Effective Interactive Activities for Statistics Online Courses
      F. Chao (, United States; Tabara (, United States
    • ATCM121: An Alternative to the STANDARD R Chart
      Michael B.C. Khoo and H.C. Low ( & )
    PAPER PRESENTATION 7 - Chair: Krongthong Khairiree ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA298: The Effect of Integrated Learning of Function Using Computers ~ As Quantitative Literacy in a Two-Year College Program
      C. FUKUDA ( & K. Kakihana (, Japan
    • ATCMA242: Balloonists and Bombardiers: Teaching Mechanics with Excel
      Malcolm Anderson (, Department of Mathematics, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
    • ATCMA259: Betting on Excel to enliven the teaching of probability
      S. R. Clarke (, Australia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 8 - Chair: Chris Barling ROOM C - CLC R3007
    • ATCMA217: A Software System for Algorithm Stabilization Technique
      Y. Kondoh ( & M. Noda (, Japan
    • ATCMA202: Parallel Algorithms On Some Numerical Techniques Using PVM Platform On A Cluster Of Workstation
      Norma Alias(norm,  UTM, Skudai, Johor, Dr. Mohd Salleh Sahimi Mohamed(, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Prof.Abdul Rahman Abdullah( ), FTSM, UKM, Malaysia
    • ATCMA190: A Solution to Heat Conduction Problem Employing Finite Difference Method
      Khanipur (, Iran; shidfar (, Iran
    PAPER PRESENTATION 9 - Chair: Low Heng Chin ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • ATCMA113: Integrating the WTC Tragedy into Statistical Teaching
      P. Singh (, United States
    • ATCMA370: Technology and Mathematics Education
      S. Chona (, India
    • ATCMA133: Integrating the Use of Computer Algebra Into Traditional Mathematics Teaching
      J. Bhattacharjee GHOSH (, India
    PAPER PRESENTATION 10 - Chair: Noriani Binti Idris ROOM E - CLC R3009
    • ATCM121:An Alternative to the Standard R Chart
      Michael B.C. Khoo and H.C. Low ( & ) School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
    • ATCMA124:Parallel Implementation of Poisson Model Using Jacobi TERATION ON DISTRIBUTED WORKSTATIONS
      rozita johari( and Chee Keong Wong, University Putra Malaysia.
      Michael B.C. Khoo ( ) and S.H. Quah (, School of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION M2 - Chair: Zurina Muda ROOM F - CLC R30010
    • ATCMM2002-a Proses Berfikir dalam Pasang Emas: Pengiran Nor Jaidi Tuah (
    • ATCMM2002-b Penganggaran Selang Bagi Kuantil Pada Dua Parameter Taburan
      Eksponendi Bawah Penapisan Lengkap Dengan Kaedah Bootstrap Persentil: 2. Akhmad Fauzy
    • ATCMM2002-c Visualisasi Nombor Rawak: Hazura Ahmad (
    16.40..17:00 COFFEE BREAK CLC 2nd Floor
    17:00..18.30 LAB SESSION

    ATCMA254: Introduction to Teaching with DERIVE 5 (PC Workshop)
    Kutzler (, Linz Kokol-Voljc (, Slovenia
    Lab-1 Graphic Lab

    ATCMA350: Casio Examination-based Activities
    De Las Penas (, Philippines; Wei-Chi Yang (, USA.)
    ROOM E - CLC R3009



    Lab-2 Computing Lab


    M. Chinnappan (, Australia

    ROOM F - CLC R30010

    Thursday December 19, 2002

    08:30..09:20 SPECIAL SESSION - Chair: Wei Chi Yang

    CASIO: Preview of New Technology
    Diane Whitfield & Hideshi FuKaya, U.S.A. (ATCMA341)
    CLC A1
    09:20..10:00 INVITED TALK 3 - Chair: Barry Kissane

    An Introduction to Teaching Data Analysis and Statistics with Fathom
    William Finzer, U.S.A. & Nathalie Sinclair ( (ATCMA167)
    CLC A1
    10:00..10:20 COFFEE BREAK CLC 2nd Floor
    10:20..11:20 PAPER PRESENTATION 11 - Chair: Premjit Singh ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA289: The impact of graphics calculators on traditional mathematics assessment
      P. Jones (, Australia & R. Brown (, United Kingdom
    • ATCMA181: Teaching Derivative with Graphic Calculators: The Role of a Representational Perspective
      Alan Gil Delos Santos(, Sanka Liyanage(, Michael O.J. Thomas(, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Auckland, New Zealand
    PAPER PRESENTATION 12 - Chair: Tilak de Alwis     ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA186: Experimenting with MAPLE to obtain sums of Bessel series
      W. Bloom (, Australia
    • ATCMA184: An Implicit Enumeration algorithm for mixed-integer linear programming
      Radha krishnan Palani kumar( M.V.C Rao(, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia.
    • ATCMA245: Using Computer Algebra Systems for teaching advanced topics of non-algorithmic mathematics
      Nabeshima (, Japan; Suzuki (, Japan; Sato (, Japan
    PAPER PRESENTATION 13 - Chair: Clarke Kaye ROOM C - CLC R3007
    • *ATCMA192: Heat Flux Measurement in Cylinder of spark Ignition Engine
      Khanipur (, Iran
      shidfar (, Iran
    • ATCMA358: Crucial mathematical knowledge on the light of interactive geometry with Cabri
      Laborde (, France
    • ATCMA265: Instruction, Explanation And Facilitate – The New Approach For Mathematics Teaching And Learning
      Ab Rahman Ahmad(, Chong Bee Kee(, Computer Science, University Of Technology Malaysia.
    PAPER PRESENTATION 14 - Chair: Chieko Fukuda ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • ATCMA311: Enhancing Students' Understanding in Secondary Mathematics through the Use of Graphing Calculators
      KRONGTHONG KHAIRIREE (;, Mathematics Division, SEAMEO RECSAM, Malaysia.
    • ATCMA278: Graphics calculator (GC): A catalyst for the learning of mathematics?
      KOR LIEW KEE(, TMSK, University Technology MARA, Malaysia
      LIM CHAP SAM(, School of Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 15 - Chair: Goh Aun Lii ROOM E - CLC R3009
    • ATCMA108:Learning Linear Algebra Using TI-92 Plus
      Hajar Sulaiman and Hailiza Kamarulhaili (,, Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
    • ATCMA227:Addressing the Issues Underlying Hand-held Technology Use in the Classroom
      Suraiya Kassim(, Rosihan M. Ali(, Zarita Zainuddin(,Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia, Daniel Seth(,Mathematical Sciences, Morehead State University, United States
    PAPER PRESENTATION M3 - Chair: Siti Mistima Mat ROOM F - CLC R30010
    Menyiasat nilai pi dengan TI-83PLUS, Cik Tay Bee Lian

    INVITED TALK 4 - Chair: Jen Chung Chuan

    The Center of Gravity of Plane Regions and Ruler and Compass Constructions
    Tilak de Alwis, U.S.A. (ATCMA251)

    CLC A1


    ATCMA366: MATLAB - An Indispensable Tool for Advancing the Frontiers of New Technologies

    Lab-1 Graphic Lab



    Lab-2 Computing Lab
    13:20..14:00 LUNCH BREAK MainHall
    14:00..14:50 PLENARY SPEECH 3 - Chair: Mohan Chinnappan                   

    The Dynamic Classroom, Douglas Butler, Oundle School, UK (ATCMP119)
    CLC A1
    14:50..15:40 INVITED TALK 5 - Chair: Nor Azman Abu

    Tangent Construction Made Hard, Jen-chung Chuan, Taiwan (ATCMA236)
    CLC A1
    15:40..16:40 PAPER PRESENTATION 16 - Chair: Low Heng Chin ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA325: Lockwood's "curves" on a Graphics Calculator
      C. Barling (, Australia
    • ATCMA177: Debate and Argument Centred on the Projected Display of a Graphics Calculator: Examples of Instrumented Activity
      P. Forster (, Australia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 17 - Chair: Sajee Khumpoo ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA246: Video Tutoring of Mathematics for Computer Science
      B. Blyth (, G. Clarke (, I. Grundy (, J. Saunders (, Australia; Tran (, Vietnam
    • ATCMA174: Computer-Generated Representations of Mathematical Reasoning
      Yanagimoto (, Japan; B. Ferrucci (, United States; J. Carter (, United States
    PAPER PRESENTATION 18 - Chair: Khanipur Ahmed ROOM C - CLC R3007
    • ATCMA162: Self-dualized Threshold Functions
      Machmudin (, Indonesia
    • ATCMA312: An Internet Based Matlab Learning Environment
      M.G. Lee (, Taiwan
    PAPER PRESENTATION 19 - Chair: Kyoko Kakihana ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • ATCMA189: Issues in delivery of a partially on-Line Engineering Mathematics Course with BlackBoard
      W.C. Quek (, Singapore
    • ATCMA125: Animation as an Interactive Tool
      Toon (, Singapore
    PAPER PRESENTATION 20 - Chair: Alan gil Delos Santos ROOM E - CLC R3009
    • ATCMA360: Mathematical Modeling as Instructional Strategy; Using Dynamic Geometric Software
      T. Tso (, Taiwan. R.O.C
    • ATCMA359: CabriJunior, Interactive Geometry for all on the TI-83
      Jean-Marie Laborde (, France
    • ATCMA318: Can we improve the use of multimedia in teaching undergraduate mathematics?
      Z. Hossein (Hossein, United Kingdom
    PAPER PRESENTATION M4 - Chair: Wan Fatimah Bte Wan Ahmed ROOM F - CLC R30010
    • ATCMM2002-p Komunikasi Dan Penyelesaian Masalah Dalam Matematik:
      Kenapa Teknologi?: Noraini Idris (
    • ATCMM2002-h Unsur Grafik Di Dalam Pembelajarn Matematik Tambahan: Zuraifah Mohd Adnan (
    • ATCMM2002-m Ke Arah Penggunaan Teknologi Maklumat Dan Komunikasi (TMK)
      Di Dlm Pembelajaran & Pengajaran: Satu Kajian Ke Atas Kesediaan Pelajar & Pengajar: Zaharah Hamzah
    16.40..17:00 COFFEE BREAK CLC 2nd Floor


    ATCMA195: Training for Cabri; Dahan (, France

    Lab-1 Graphic Lab


    ATCMA168: Dynamic Geometry for teaching algebra; Finzer (, United States

    ROOM E - CLC R3009


    ATCMA364: MATHCAD IN ACTION by Miss Rohini

    Lab-2 Computing Lab


    ATCMA335 Getting started with a graphics calculator
    B. Kissane (, Australia

    ROOM F - CLC R30010
    19:30..20:00 Arrival of All Participants Equatorial Hotel
    20:00..20:30 Arrival of Guests of Honor
    Cultural Dinner

    Friday December 20, 2002

    09:00..09:50 PLENARY SPEECH 4 - Chair: Sung Chi Chu

    Internet Packet Traffic Congestion in Networks
    David Arrowsmith, United Kingdom (ATCMP211)
    CLC A1
    09:50..10:10 COFFEE BREAK CLC 2nd Floor
    10:10..11:00 INVITED TALK 6 - Chair: David Ngo Check Ling

    Quaternions: From Classical Mechanics to Computer Graphics and Beyond
    Dr.R. Mukundan, New Zealand (ATCMP126)
    CLC A1
    11:00..12:00 PAPER PRESENTATION 21 - Chair: R. Mukundan ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA178: Expert mathematical pedagogical assistance to pre-service teachers using a website
      A. White (, Australia
    • ATCMA240: Elementary Prospective Teachers, Hundreds Charts, Number Sense, and Technology
      B. Lee (, Taiwan
    PAPER PRESENTATION 22 - Chair: Kasiyah Machmudin ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA250: The use of dynamic geometry software in Calculus
      Chua (, Singapore
    • ATCMA262: The Use of Technology in a College Mathematical Model Class
      Jiang (, United States
    PAPER PRESENTATION 23 - Chair: Francime Grandsard ROOM C - CLC R3007
    • ATCMA180: Computer in the Study of Conformal mappings; Zhang (, China
    • ATCMA193: Partial Derivative Estimation Using Convex Combination Methods
      Ya-Ping Wong ( Faculty of Information Technology, Multimedia University,Malaysia, L.H.T. Chang ( Academic Services Unit, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 24 - Chair: Hassab Ibrahim ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • ATCMA179: Designing Reusable Object-based Lesson for Mathematics
      Siong Hoe Lau(, FIST, Multimedia University, Melaka,Malaysia
    • ATCMA137: VATrans: A Model of Self-Designed Learning Software That Helps Learners to Promote and Utilize the Combination of Visualization and Analysis Thinking
      Wee Chuen Tan( Science, Southern College, Malaysia, Abu Mohd. Salleh( of Education University Technology of Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 25 - Chair: Jiang Zhonghong ROOM E - CLC R3009
    • ATCMA277: The Strength of Graphical Elements in Pre-Calculus
      Nur Azman Abu (, Faqir M. Bhatti (, FIST, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
    • ATCMA361: New aspects of using graphic calculator for learning calculus
      Ashraf Daneshkhah (, University of Bu-Ali-Sina, Hamadan, Iran.

    Special Workshop

    ATCMA365 : CAS with the TI-92PLUS plus Voyager 200, Peter Jones

    12:00..12:40 INVITED TALK 7 - Chair: R.J. Hosking    

    How to teach Mathematics in showing all the hidden stages of a true research? Examples with Cabri
    Jean-Jacques Dahan, Institute of Research for the Teaching of Mathematics in Toulouse, France (ATCMP194)
    CLC A1
    12:40..14:00 LUNCH BREAK Main Hall
    14:10..15:00 PLENARY SPEECH 5 - Chair: Hossein Zand

    Taking Technology Seriously
    DB. Kissane (, Australia (ATCMA279)
    CLC A1
    15:00..15:40 INVITED TALK 8 - Chair: Wei Chi Yang

    Mathematics Education and Simulations: How Relevant Are They?
    H.L. Koh, H.L. Lee , H. A. Al-Rabai’ah, and D. DeAngelis (ATCMA315)
    CLC A1
    15:40..16:40 PAPER PRESENTATION 26 - Chair: Pengran Nor Jaidi ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA272: Learning in a Virtual World
      Yamada (, Japan
    • ATCMA225: A Method to Find Calculating Errors Based on Misconceptions at an On-line Exercise System
      Matsui (, Japan; (, Yoshioka (, Japan
    PAPER PRESENTATION 27 - Chair: Sabita Nath Baboo ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA237: Design Nonlinear System with Sliding Mode Control; Setiawan (, Indonesia
    • ATCMA239: Linear Transformation on the Points of the Unit Circle in the Plane and Its Visualization;    Kuntjoro Adji Sidarto(, Indonesia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 28 - Chair: Radha Krishnan ROOM C - CLC R3007
    • ATCMA234: Bringing the “Real” Mathematics to Schools through Information and Communication Technology
      Koo Ah Choo(,Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia
      Nur Azman Abu(,FIST, MMU, Malaysia
      Fadzilah Salim(,FOSEE, MMU, Malaysia
      Choo Kim Tan(, FOSEE, MMU, Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 29 - Chair: Chee Sheng Gan ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • ATCMA286: A Computational Approach to Emotion Recognition in Intelligent Agent
      Tee Connie(,Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Multimedia University, Malaysia, Goh Kah Ong(,ADP, Multimedia University, Malaysia
    • ATCMA114:Observations on the Computer Usage and Performance in Visualization of Geometric Transformation: Case Study in Selected Schools in Perak Tengah, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad (,Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Halimah Badioze Zaman(,IT/IS Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 30 - Chair: Krishna Prasad ROOM E - CLC R3009
    • ATCMA215: Image Feature Analysis By Hahn Orthogonal Moments
      Seng Huat Ong(,Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Paramesran Raveendran(,Electrical Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia
    • ATCMA203: Characterization of multi-scale connectivity networks derived from simulated fractal image in discrete space, Radha krishnan Palani kumar( FIST, Multimedia University, Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION M6 - Chair: Norhayati Bakri ROOM F - CLC R30010
    • ATCMM2002-e Pengiraan Statistik Perihalan Melalui Plot Batang dan Daun: Mohamad Khatim Hasan (
    • ATCMM2002-e Pengiraan Statistik Perihalan Melalui Plot Batang dan Daun: Mohamad Khatim Hasan (
    • ATCMM2002-f Penggunaan Pakej Perisian Sistem Papan Cerita Berelektronik (SPCB) Dalam Pembinaan Kandungan Perisian Pendidikan Multimedia: Choo Wou Onn (
    16:40..17:00 COFFEE BREAK CLC 2nd Floor


    ATCMA196: Simulation in statistics with Cabri; Dahan (, France

    Lab-1 Graphic Lab


    ATCMA336: Functions, equations and graphs: Algebra and the graphics calculator
    B. Kissane (, Australia

    ROOM E - CLC R3009


    ATCMA342: Introduction to Cabri Geometry in Secondary School Mathematics
    Tsuyuki (, Japan

    Lab-2 Computing Lab


    Iteration with Sketchpad version 4

    ROOM F - CLC R30010

    Saturday December 21, 2002

    09:00..09:50 PLENARY SPEECH 6 - Chair: Faqir M. Bhatti

    Equational Reasoning in Programming, Tetsuo Ida, University of Tsukuba, Japan (ATCMA332)
    CLC A1
    09:50..10:40 INVITED TALK 9 - Chair: D.K. Arrowsmith

    Exploring Fractal Geometry
    Bernt Wahl (, FOM, Multimedia University, Malaysia (ATCMA340)
    CLC A1
    10:40..11:40 PAPER PRESENTATION 31 - Chair: Kuntjoro Adji Sidarto ROOM A - CLC R3005
    • ATCMA197: Stereo Image Analysis: A New Approach Using Orthogonal Moments
      Pang (, Malaysia; Mukundan (, New Zealand
    • ATCMA226: Computation of Walsh Spectrum by Decision Digram of Boolean Functions
      Ashutosh Kumar Singh(, Sabita Nath Baboo(, FIST, Multimedia, Malaysia, Anand Mohan(, Electronics (IT) , Banaras Hindu University
    • ATCMA198: Pattern Spectrum Procedures to study the Reconstruction Accuracy
      Radha krishnan Palani kumar ( Factulty of Information and science, Technology, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION 32 - Chair: Tetsuo Ida ROOM B - CLC R3006
    • ATCMA175: Interval Estimation for Survivor Function on Two Parameters Exponential Distribution
      Akhmad Fauzy ( Noor Akma Ibrahim ( Isa Daud ( Mohd. Rizam Abu Bakar ( University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
    • ATCMA176: Interval Estimation for Quantile on One Parameter under Complete Censoring with Bootstrap Percentile
      Akhmad Fauzy ( Noor Akma Ibrahim ( Isa Daud ( Mohd. Rizam Abu Bakar ( University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
    PAPER PRESENTATION 33 - Chair: Yuji Kondoh ROOM C - CLC R3007
    • ATCMA136: Luminous Flux Computation and the Use of Hybrid Symbolic Integration - Spline Interpolation Method
      Tong Fatt Chew ( Abu Hasan Yahya ( Heng Chin Low ( Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia,
    • ATCMA148: Simple Technique for Computing the Resistance of Coverable Two-rooted Digraph
      Faqir M Bhatti(, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia.
    PAPER PRESENTATION 34 - Chair: Sajee Khumpoo ROOM D - CLC R3008
    • ATCMA200: On Annihilatingly Uniqueness of Directed Windmills
      Che Sheng Gan (, FET, MU, Malaysia, Voon Chet Koo (, FET, MMU, Malaysia,
    • ATCMA185: CBIR based on colour histogram and segmentation techniques
      Jehad Odeh ( FIST, MMU, Melaka, Malaysia, Fatimah Ahmad ( Department,,UPM, Malaysia,Mohamed Othman (, Rozita Johari( Communication Technology and Network, Universiti Putra Malaysia
    PAPER PRESENTATION M7 - Chair: Mohamad Khatim Hasan ROOM F - CLC R30010
    • ATCMM2002-g Multimedia Dalam Pendidikan Pra-Sekolah: Pakej Pembelajaran Mengenal Nombor: Zurina Muda (
    • ATCMM2002-d Pembangunan Pakej Multimedia Berasaskan Pendekatan Hibrid Bagi
      Mata Pelajaran Matematik (Matriks) Tingkatan Empat Sekolah Bestari: Norazah Mohd. Nordin
    • ATCMM2002-i Pembelajaran Geometri Menggunakan Perisian Geometer’s Sketchpad(TI-92 Plus) dan Kaitannya dengan Tahap Pemikiran van Hiele dalam Geometri: Chong Ling Hai (
    • ATCMM2002-j Pengintegrasian Ujian Kebolehan di dalam Pembangunan Perisian Pendidikan Matematik: Noraidah Sahari (
    MMU Main Hall
    13:30..14:30 High Tea TBA


    International Program Committees
    Advisory Committee
     Bruno BUCHBERGER, LINZ, Austria
     Keith O GEDDES, University of Waterloo, Canada
     Peng Yee LEE, NIE/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
     Bert WAITS, The Ohio State University, USA

    International Program Co-Chairs
     Wei-Chi Yang, Radford University, USA (
     Tilak de ALWIS, Southeastern Louisiana University, USA (

    International Program Committee
     Paul ABBOTT, University of Western Australia, Australia
     Faqir M BHATTI, Multimedia University, Malaysia
     Ang Keng CHENG, NIE/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
     Mohan CHINNAPPAN, University of Wollongong, Australia
     Sung-Chi CHU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     Jen-Chung CHUAN, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
     Shui-hung HOU, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
     Gary F. FITZ-GERALD, RMIT University, Australia
     Yahya bin Abu HASSAN, University of Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
     Masami ISODA, University fo Tsukuba, Japan
     Peter JONES, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
     Zaven KARIAN, Denison University, USA
     Barry KISSANE, Murdoch University, Australia
     Ichiro KOBAYASHI, International Educational Software, Japan
     Vlasta, KOKOL-VOLJC, University of Maribor, Slovenia
     Bernhard KUTZLER, University of Linz, Austria
     Matthias KWASKI, Arizona State University, U.S.A.
     Shahrin Sahib, Yayasan College, Malaysia
     Katsuhiko SHIMIZU, National Institute for Educational Policy Research, Japan
     Tadashi TAKAHASHI, Kobe University, Japan
     Dongming WANG, CNRS, France
     Lu YANG, Guangzhou University, China

    Conference Site Information
    Accommodations, weather and others

    Local Organizing Committee
    Honorary Chair
    Prof. Ghauth Jasmon (President, Multimedia University)
    Dr. David Ngo Chek Ling (Dean FIST)
    Dr. Faqir Muhammad Bhatti
    Mr. Nur Azman Abu
    Dr. R.Mukundan
    Ms. Maizatul Bariah Ramli
    Mr. Teoh Kung Keat
    Ms. Nurdiana Azizan
    Mr. Osman Ariffin
    Dr. Jacob K.Daniel
    Ms. Halizah Basiron
    Mr. Ahmad Mutaza Kamal

    Local Technical Committee (Malay Session)
    Mr. Nur Azman Abu (Coordinator)
    Prof. Tengku Mohammad Tengku Sembok
    Associate Professor Dr Zuhaimy H. Ismail
    Associate Professor Dr Mohamad Salleh Sahimi.
    Dr. Wang Yin Chai
    Mr. Goh Ong Sing
    Dr. Joharry Othman
    Mr. Tan Khun
    Pengiran Dr. Nur Jaidi Pengiran Tuah
    Mr. Abdul Razak Hussain
    Dr. Sannay Bin Mohammad
    Mr. Mohd. Daud Hassan