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Final Announcement
Tentative Conference Program [view]
[Last Update: November 19, 2004]

December 13-17, 2004
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Local Host Site

Tentative Conference Program
[posted: November 16, 2004]
International Program Committee Local Host Information Submission

"Technology in Mathematics: Engaging Learners, Empowering Teachers and Enabling Research"

There is little doubt that technology has made an impact on the teaching and Mathematics. In this conference, we shall go beyond justifying the use of technology in Mathematics to discuss and examine the best practices of applying technology in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and in Mathematics research. In particular, the conference will focus on how technology can be exploited to enrich and enhance Mathematics learning, teaching and research at all levels.

Researchers, mathematicians, educators and teachers are invited to share their knowledge in the area of using technology to engage learners and empower teachers of Mathematics, or enable research in any field of Mathematics or Mathematics Education.

The conference will cover a broad range of topics on the application and use of technology in Mathematics research and teaching. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mathematics for Information Technology
  • Geometry Using Technology
  • Internet and Web Technology for Mathematics
  • Graphics Calculators
  • Computer Algebra Systems
  • Mathematical Research using Technology
  • Mathematical and Statistical Software and Tools on the Web
  • Learning and Assessment using Technology

Plenary Speakers (Tentative List)

  • Ricardo CANTORAL (Center of Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico)
  • Xiao-shan GAO (Mathematics Mechnization Research Center, Academia Sinica, China)
  • Peter FLYNN (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • KOH Thiam Seng (Director, Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore)
  • Katsuhiko SHIMIZU (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
  • TAY Yong Chiang (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • Zalman USISKIN (University of Chicago, U.S.A.)

Special Sessions (a series on Technology in Mathematics Curriculum and Learning: Issues and Concerns that began in ATCM 2003)

We will continue the discussion, from a global perspective, on the two topics brought forth in ATCM 2003 initially. Experts in the topics will be invited to participate together to present their views. In here, we will reiterate the sessions' goals and further details will be available as soon as they are organized:

Special Session I: Curriculum issues and concerns on mathematics with technology - a global perspective

Special Session II: Enabling technology for dynamic mathematics content delivery: Author-once-learn-anywhere (AOLA)

International Program Co-Chairs
 Wei-Chi YANG, Radford University, U.S.A. ( wyang@radford.edu)
 Tilak de ALWIS, Southeastern Louisiana University, U.S.A. (tdealwis@selu.edu)

International Program Committee
 Paul ABBOTT, University of Western Australia, Australia
 Keng Cheng ANG, NIE/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
 Sung-Chi CHU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
 Jen-Chung CHUAN, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
 Shui-hung HOU, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
 Gary F. FITZ-GERALD, RMIT University, Australia
 Yahya bin Abu HASSAN, University of Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
 Masami ISODA, University fo Tsukuba, Japan
 Peter JONES, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
 Barry KISSANE, Murdoch University, Australia
 Ichiro KOBAYASHI, International Educational Software, Japan
 Vlasta, KOKOL-VOLJC, University of Maribor, Slovenia
 Bernhard KUTZLER, University of Linz, Austria
 Matthias KWASKI, Arizona State University, U.S.A. 
 Ming-Gong LEE, Chung Hua University, Taiwan

 Mirek MAJEWSKI, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates
 David NGO, Multimedia University, Malaysia
 Katsuhiko SHIMIZU, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
 Tadashi TAKAHASHI, Kobe University, Japan
 Lu YANG, Guangzhou University, China

Advisory Committee
 Bruno BUCHBERGER, LINZ, Austria
 Keith O GEDDES, University of Waterloo, Canada
 Peng Yee LEE, NIE/Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
 Bert WAITS, The Ohio State University, U.S.A.


Last Date for Submission of Abstracts

Abstract submission for presentation-is now closed.

Last Date for Submission of Full Papers July 15, 2004
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance September 15, 2004 or earlier (if you have not heard from us about your full paper, please send an email to the IPC chairs)
Early Bird Registration Fee ON or BEFORE October 15, 2004 US$ 250 (S$420)*
Registration Fee AFTER October 15, 2004 US$ 280 (S$470)*

* Students currently enrolled in a college will be charged a flat registration fee of US$180 (S$300). Valid student ID or confirmation letter will be required.

Online registration is now available. If you are an author, you might already notice the registration options when you log on to ATCM submission site, otherwise, logon at the submission site and you will find the registration information.

If you are a non-author, you would go to the same site to register online for the conference. You will first 'register' your personal information, then login with registered information. Please direct your questions about registration to atcminc@atcminc.com.

We are accepting two general methods of registration fee payment. One is for those participants that can pay by a personal cheque in Singapore dollars, and the other method is either by credit cards issued in any country, including Singapore, to be charged in US dollars, or bank drafts in US dollars.

Any submission (e.g., abstracts, full papers, tutorials, invited paper, plenary speeches, etc.) to the conference (other than for posters sessions) must begin with an abstract submission. All abstract submissions are only accepted via the Web. Each submission will be reviewed and the author(s) will be notified of recommendation by the International Program Committee. Only scholarly work that has not been published elsewhere should be submitted for consideration.


Abstract submission is only accepted via the Web. Each successful submission will be assigned a reference number (e.g., 2004A108). This number will be used in all future correspondence with the editors. The submission link is at here. Only text (simple or HTML) submission is accepted.

If there are mathematical symbols that cannot be accommodated by HTML/MML, you complete your online submission with "Abstract in PDF" as the only content of the abstract body. Once that is successfully done, you then submit an PDF version of the abstract to the editor (with 'ATCM 2004' as part or whole of the subject line of your email) with the proper reference number. No published work should be submitted. Accepted abstract, with paid registration fee, will guarantee a presentation slot at the conference program. Each abstract should have around 250-500 words.

If this is the first time you are submitting abstracts to this conference, please provide us with your professional information by filling out a simple registration form.

Accepted abstracts (with no full papers) for presentation must fill in a copyright statement and send to the address below.

Please direct any questions on the submission to sungchi@atcminc.com (please make sure 'ATCM 2004' is part of or a whole of your email subject line).

Full Papers

Once your abstract has been approved by the IPC, you have the option to submit a full paper for that abstract for consideration to appear in the Proceedings of the conference. Submission of a full paper should only be in PDF or virus-free Microsoft Word, and also must be submitted via the Web. You will find the full paper submission link once log on to the ATCM conference submission site (as you did when you submit your abstract). Here is a general process for submitted full papers of ATCM 2004

  1. Each full paper must have, in addition to the paper content, an abstract with no author information (just a Title) and be submitted no later than July 15, 2004.
  2. Each full paper will be reviewed and recommendation will be sent to the author(s) no later than September 15, 2004.
  3. Each accepted full paper must follow the Proceedings publication guidelines (see below), along with paid registration and conference presentation before it will appear in the hardcopy Proceedings.
  4. Each full paper must not be longer than 10 single-spaced pages (size A4).

Copyright of the full paper must be assigned to ATCM, Inc. Details of the format for accetped full papers will be posted in due course.

Formatting Guidelines for Proceedings

For accepted full papers (that have not been published elsewhere, or available in a website), publication in the Proceedings will follow if the paper is presented at the conference, and the following guidelines must be followed. Manuscripts that fail to use the following format in your preparation will not be published.

  • Two camera-ready copies of the manuscript must be submitted on A4 white paper. The manuscript must be printed with a laser printer of resolution at least at 1200 DPI. Do not staple. Do not fold. Only on-time receipt of this hard copy manuscript has guarantee of its appearance in the Proceedings.
  • A soft copy of the same manuscript in PDF must be sent, with the same deadline as the hardcopy, to BOTH email accounts: sungchi@atcminc.com & atcminc@any2any.net; on-time receipt of this soft copy manuscript, signed copyright statement and paid registration will ensure the inclusion of the manuscript in the electronic Proceedings, provided all the other formatting guidelines are met.

Each manuscript must meet the following guidelines before it will be processed for inclusion in the Proceedings. Manuscripts that do not meet these guidelines will be returned and must be appropriately modified before the time deadline for camera-ready submission. A sample paper in Microsoft Word is provided, that can be used as a template.

  • No page number should be printed. Default font used must be Times New Roman. Instead, page numbers must be written using a soft lead pencil on the back of each page (on both hard copies submitted) along with your paper reference number (e.g., 2003P100).
  • Paper title: 20 pt Times New Roman, bold, centered
  • Author's name: 14 pt Times New Roman Italics, centered
  • Author's affiliations: in 12 pt Times New Roman, centered
  • Author’s email address, in 12 pt Times New Roman, centered, must be included right below the author's name.
  • Abstract: each manuscript must have an abstract, in 10 pt Times Roman, justified single-line spacing
  • Section headings: 14 pt Times New Roman Bold, left-justified
  • Subsection headings: 12 pt Times New Roman Bold, left-justified
  • Body text: 12 pt Times Roman, justified single-line spacing
  • Margins must be set based on A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm or 8.27" x 11.69").
  • Left and right margins must be set at 2 cm or 0.8";
  • Top and bottom margins must be set at 3.2 cm or 1.26";
  • Any text or figure that appears outside of this margin is not printable, thus the manuscript cannot be included for printing.
  • Tables and Figures must be properly captioned and numbered. These should be placed as close as practicable to the first reference in the text. About 10mm should be left clear above and below each figure and table. For Figures, the caption should appear at the foot of the figure. For Tables, the caption should appear immediately above the table. Place all the figures and tables in the center of the page.
  • References must be cited properly in the text of the article (it is very unlikely that there is no references)
  • Acknowledgements, if any, should be added just before the references.
  • Paper length is limited to a maximum of 10 pages. A fee will be charged for any paper that exceeds the paper length limit.
  • Keywords are not needed.

The hard copy (along with copyright statement) must be postmarked no later than October 1, 2004 and posted to:

Sung-Chi Chu
Center of Cyber Logistics
Room 303, Academic Building #2

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong.

Posters Session

Conference participants are invited to submit proposals of posters for display in the poster exhibition area. We encourage this form of participation as a means of presenting projects that use technology in both mathematical research and mathematics education. Proposals from students are welcome too. Presentation of posters will be scheduled in parallel along with other paper presentations.

Detailed information about the size and format of posters will be given when a poster has been accepted. Presenters should use a font of at least 24 points so as to make the posters readable at a distance of 1.5 metres. Poster presenters should consider using both textual and visual means of presentation in their posters.

Abstracts for posters should be submitted for review by email to atcm2004@nie.edu.sg with a subject heading "ATCM2004: Poster Abstract" before 15 June 2004. The following information should be included in all poster submissions:
* Poster Title
* Authors
* Affiliation and address
* Email address
* Abstract

Local Organizing Committee

Prof. LEE Peng Yee (Advisor)
Dr. ANG Keng Cheng (Co-chair)
Dr. PHANG Rosalind (Co-chair)
Mr. LEE Ngan Hoe
Dr. TEO Kok Ming
Dr. LIM Keng Suan
Dr. TANG Wee Kee
Mr. CHUA Boon Liang
Dr. YAP Sook Fwe
Dr. KOAY Phong Lee
Ms. TAN Hwee Chiat
Ms. LEE Choon Muay

Mrs. LOW-EE Huei Wuan

Please direct your questions about the host to atcm2004@nie.edu.sg

ATCM2004 will provide spaces during the period of the conference for software, hardware, calculator companies, and the book publishers to display their latest products or books in the field of mathematical sciences. The fee for one exhibition area of three feet by nine feet is US$500. The exhibition fee will include a conference registration fee for one person. Please note that space for such display is limited. To reserve an exhibition area at ATCM2004, please notify Dr. Sung-Chi Chu (sungchi@atcminc.com) of your need and send a cashier's check payable to "ATCM 2004" to the following address:

ATCM 2004
P.O. Box 11072
Blacksburg, Virginia 24062-1072
U. S. A.

see local conference site for more information>>

The conference will be held in the National Insitute of Eduation, Nanyang Technological University (1 Nanyang Walk Singapore 637616).

SINGAPORE is a small nation situated at one of the most important crossroads of the world. The country is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city state where tradition and modernity, East and West, meet and mingle most agreeably and harmoniously. When you meet in New Asia – Singapore, you are at the centre for business and pleasure.

The climate in Singapore is warm and welcoming all year round with temperatures ranging between 31?C in the day and 23?C in the night. English is a widely spoken language and the common business language of all. And you will be able to experience Singapore to the fullest, especially since Singapore is known to be one of the safest cities in the world. More at local host site.

Accommodation: more details at http://math.nie.edu.sg/atcm (local host site)



We are looking for technology companies that provide software that brings Internet technology and mathematical software 'closer' together in an integrated user environment. If you think you are one of these companies, we are happy to put your company logo for free here up until the start date of the conference.
Please send us an email.

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