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The First Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics

December 18-21, 1995

Wei-Chi Yang
Chair, International Program Committee (IPC), ATCM 95

The First Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics provided mathematics educators, computer specialists, technologists, researchers, policy and teachers with the opportunity to share and discuss the latest developments in their areas of specialization. The conference also provided an avenue for the possibility of collaborating research among the participants.

There were over 80 presentations and over 300 participants at ATCM'95 from over 22 countries. Papers received comprise the following topical groups: pedagogy, computational mathematics, and computer algebra.

Conference Summary

By Lee, Peng Yee
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The First Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics was held from 18th to 21st December 1995 at the National Institute of Education. Singapore. The objective is to initiate a series of conferences in Asia concerning the innovative use of technology for teaching and research in mathematics. The emphasis of the first conference was on the use of mathematics softwares in mathematics teaching and research.

There were 7 plenary lectures given by David C Johnson, J J Uhl, Ki Hyoung Oh, Z Karian, Tateaki Sasaki, Marston Conder, Wu Wentsun.

Also, there were 4 special lectures by 3 speakers, namely, Paul C Abbott (in place of Conrod Wolfram), Keith Geddes, and Roger Hunter, on the philosophy and the development of Mathematica, Maple and Scientific Workplace. Futhermore, there were about 80 topical presentations on pedagogy, computer algebra and computational mathematics, and 16 workshops on the use of various software packages. The conference attracted 12 exhibitors displaying new softwares, graphic calculators, and books.

The contents of the plenary lectures in some way represented the state of the art and the current issues of technology in mathematics. Johnson (UK) gave a survey of how technology was used in teaching mathematics in the past few decades. Uhl (USA) raised the question whether we should teach the mathematics the same as the mathematics we did. His answer was positive and he showed how that could be done. Oh (Korea) showed how computer-aided tutorials could be useful in teaching and in evaluation. Karian (USA) developed a statistics library for Maple so that the software can perform the statistical problems more efficiently. Sasaki (Japan) advocated the involvement of engineers in our effort to promote technology in mathematics. Conder (New Zealand) explained how the meaning of proof had changed and how the proof was done using computers. Finally, Wu (China) traced the process of how technology was involved in solving mathematical problems, which parallelled the development of mathematics in ancient China.

There were nearly 300 participants from over 22 countries. Among the participants, 2/5 are local and 3/5 foreign. The local participants were teachers from junior coleges (senior high schools), polytechnics, and universities. The foreign participants are mathematicians, mathematics educators, and software developers. The chair of the international programme committee is Yang, Wei-Chi of Radford University, the chair of the local organizing committee Fong, Ho kheong, and the de facto organizing secretary Rosalind Phang, both of the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

The second Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM97) will be held from 16th to 20th June 1997 in Penang, Malaysia. For more information on ATCM 97, please click here.

Sponsors of ATCM 95

We received excellent support from the following sponsors:
  1. Director of National Institute of Education for allowing us to use the Bukit Timah Campus as the Conference venue.
  2. The British Council.
  3. The Lee Foundation.
  4. The Association of Mathematics Educators.
  5. The Waterloo Maple Software.
  6. The Wolfram Research.
  7. The TCI Software.
  8. Radford University.

Information on ATCM95

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