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[April 2, 2005] Just an update. The preparation is continuing and information will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. S.Chu

In Special Session II of ATCM 2004, we clarified the cause of looking into Dynamic-Mathematics content - to realize the AOLA e-Learning framework for Mathematics Education. As it was suggested, a steering committee for SIGAOLA (Special Interest Group on AOLA) will be formed. Your participation will be sought. More details will be available at the beginning of next year. Have a good holiday.

S.C. Chu [December 20, 2004]

In special session II at ATCM 2003, a brief introduction to the concept of a Cyber Mathematics Community (CMC) was meant to be introduced. Time did not allow such CMC to be discussed. The CMC is the key e-infrastructure that facilitates author-once-learn-anywhere (AOLA) for teachers and researchers of the mathematics community. The need for AOLA is crucial to the community. The benefits of technology and mathematics in teaching, learning and research are well documented in past ATCM conferences and other literature. Yet, it is not clear how AOLA can be achieved in an e-Learning environment for Mathematics Education.

We believe current technology provides a solid basis to build the AOLA e-infrastructure and emerging technology will allow secure exchange of "activities" and enable mathematical services that are fundamental to "dynamic-mathematics" content delivery as we have discussed in the session.

AOLA is the initiative of ATCM, Inc to fulfil its mission. Support and advice from the community are needed if the initiative is to be fruitful and beneficial to the community.

We are only a little over a month before the start of ATCM 2004. In the special session II, we will continue with the discussion based on the "AOLA Framework for e-Learning in Mathematics Education." Please be sure to tune in. Here is a work-in-progress article that will appear in the Proceedings of ATCM 2004.

I plan to form an SIGAOLA (Special Interest Group on AOLA) by early March next year. If you like to participate and to be included in the mailing list, please drop me an email at

S.C. Chu
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