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This page will begin a discussion based on the special session on curriculum at ATCM 2003. Here is the abstract of the session. [1-December-2003].

A Global View of Curriculum Issues on Mathematics with Technology

Moderator: Wei-Chi Yang, U.S.A. (

Panelists : (in alphabetical order)
Douglas Butler, United Kingdom (
Ivan Cnop, Belgium (
Masami Isoda, Japan (
Peng Yee Lee, Singapore (
Kaye Stacey, Australia (
Khoon Yoong Wong, Singapore (


This special session will provide a global view of curriculum issues on mathematics with technology. The following issues will be discussed by experts and practitioners from different countries, each offers his or her insights on the subject:

(1) Why technology has changed math curriculum in some countries?
(2) What has been changed in teaching/learning when technology is used?
(3) Can the mathematics curriculum be extended with technology? Or how technology influences mathematics content?
(4) How exam questions are different when technology is used?
(5) What type of technology (calculators or computers) is allowed in an exam so far?
(6) How curriculum in mathematics has been modified since the introduction of technology?
(7) Suggestions/Comments for those countries where technology has not been considered in their curriculum?

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