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Electronic Proceedings

Proceedings of Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM) are available in two forms:

  1. Electronic Proceedings, same as the hardcopy proceedings but with additional materials that include abstracts of some presentations and tutorials, and,
  2. Hardcopy Proceedings, an official records of most presentations at the conference.

To access the Electronic Proceedings of ATCM, use the buttons on the left to go to the specific proceedings. A consolidated version will be available in the beginning of 2005.

To back order hardcopy proceedings, please follow the instructions below:

To order the Proceedings for ATCM '99, ATCM '00, ATCM '01-'04 please send a cashier check of payable to ATCM, Inc.
By Air Mail (within one week)
  • Proceedings, 2004 : US$45.00 each
  • Proceedings, 2003 : US$45.00 each
  • Proceedings, 2002 : US$45.00 each
  • Proceedings, 2001 : US$40.00 each
  • Proceedings, 2000 : US$36.00 each
  • Proceedings, 1999 : US$32.00 each
  • Proceedings, 1998 can be purchased via Springer Verlag, ISBN:9814021158
Plus US$20.00 Shippings and Handling (S&H) Charge for first Proceedings and US$8.00 more for each additional one. We can send using surface postal mail (six weeks or more). Please send an email to us to enquire the surface postal costs and S&H charges.

You can send your order, with your bank draft, or check drawn on any U.S.A. bank, to

ATCM, Inc.
P.O.Box 11072
Blacksburg VA 24062-1072
U. S. A.
Credit Card payment can be sent via postal mail to the above address, with card number, card type, expiration date and your signature. If you have questions, please send an email to atcminc@yahoo.com for details.

In the very near future, we will start the Electronic Journal of Technology in Mathematics (EJTM), and support interactive textbooks [this remains a goal of ATCM, Inc. - editor. January 8, 2006].


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