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These sites are provided by the 'owner' of the sites. Opinions expressed in their sites are theirs, not ATCM, Inc. Each of these sites will have an expiration date. [last update: December 1, 2003]
Expires June 1, 2004

Mathematics doesn't have to be difficult. Students can explore, visualize, and learn mathematical concepts more easily than ever. Educators can use our growing collection of highly interactive multimedia activities (using Shockwave, which can be downloaded here) to enhance lectures or as the basis for effective lab sessions. Additionally, you can put all of your courses online in just a few minutes without knowing anything about HTML.  Just sign up for free as an member educator and start building!
Expires June 1, 2004
Expires June 1, 2004
A Selection of Mathematical Web Sites (Open in another browser window)
33 West Street, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4EJ, UK
Contact: Douglas Butler
Expires June 1, 2004

Maths Net (Open in another browser window)

An educational site about mathematics, aimed at students, teachers and anyone else. It concentrates on interactive mathematics resources available on the Internet and is currently developing interactive curriculum material to enable all visitors to "do some maths now!"

Author: Bryan Dye, Head of Maths, Hewett School, Norwich, Norfolk, England
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To announce mathematics and technology sites that are of interests to our 'readers.' We will provide our description of the site. Eventually, the information would be organized as a searchable database. If you have any sites that you think they are beneficial to the mathematics community, please send the information to us.